On May 26-27, 2022, the International Conference «Europe-Asia: Dialogue of Civilizations» was held near the geographical border between Europe and Asia in the city of Perm. It was initiated by the Russian parliamentary «Eurasian Dialogue» and supported by the Perm Krai and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A total of more than a hundred people from 20 European and Asian countries took part in the event, both on-site and participants in absentia (video link).

Welcoming the organizers and guests of the first Perm International Conference, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov noted that «the well-being of the future of mankind is directly linked to the establishment of mutually respectful partnership between representatives of different civilizations, cultures and beliefs. This thesis was fully shared in the speeches at the plenary session of the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors of India, China, and Syria, representing the ancient civilizations of Eurasia, which have existed for many centuries.

Participants from Bulgaria, Germany, Spain, Serbia, France, and a number of other European states, as well as their colleagues from the Middle East, Central and East Asia, and ASEAN countries, emphasized the crucial role of Russia, and the entire Russian world in the development of the European civilization. They placed a special emphasis on the exceptional contribution of the multinational Russian people in defeating fascism in the 20th century, and the struggle of the Russian Federation against any manifestations of Nazism, neo-Nazism, racism, and neo-colonialism in the new 21st century.

In the framework of the Conference, all manifestations of Russophobia and barbaric acts, which have recently taken place in a number of countries-members of the military-political bloc of NATO against the citizens of Russia, Russian culture, and representatives of Russian science, education, art and sports, were condemned. At the same time, speakers noted Moscow’s special contribution to the establishment and development of integration processes across the vast expanses of the Eurasian continent.   

In their speeches, the participants of the forum shared the opinion, expressed by the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin on May 26, 2022 that the greater Eurasian Partnership will become the center of interest for many.   

Russian senators and members of the State Duma, diplomats and experts from the Eurasian continent countries considered in plenary sessions and panel discussions a number of relevant and important issues vital for establishing and developing broad, respectful and equal interaction among the representatives of different cultures, ideological and religious outlooks, national traditions and political systems.

In particular, such important topics as political and spiritual aspects of broad Eurasian dialogue were touched upon. Summed up separately were the results of the five festival marathons «From the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean» held between 2014 and 2021 at the initiative of the «Eurasian Dialogue» with the participation of UNESCO, each of which was a good platform for communication between representatives of various civilizations of Europe and Asia.

The issues of preservation of intangible cultural heritage were particularly addressed at the forum. In this respect, the importance of events conducted within the framework of the Year of Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia, which was announced by the President of the Russian Federation in 2022, was mentioned. 

The briefing for the political parties, public organizations and journalists of Eurasia was held in the format of a video conference with the participation of the leaders of profile commissions of the General Council of the «United Russia» political party. The importance of uniting international efforts, including cross-party line, in the interests of protection of traditional spiritual, cultural and family values with the aim of creating a corresponding international alliance was noted.

Bilateral and multilateral consultations of the participants and guests took place on the platform of the Perm Forum. The key events of the conference were broadcasted on the Internet and reported on by Russian and foreign media.

The participants of the Perm conference paid attention to the fact that lasting peace and security are impossible without observance of the principles of peaceful coexistence of states with different political systems, indivisibility of security, non-interference in sovereign affairs of states, equal rights and mutually beneficial cooperation. It was noted that any attempts to proclaim oneself as the undisputed and sole leader and hegemon, or to impose one’s own rules and values on others, are counterproductive.

The Perm conference has revealed considerable potential and a broad base of support for approaches which enable arriving at solutions that make the most of a diversity of opinions, even on the most complex issues.

The participants recommended continuing the work begun, including within the framework of the Sixth International Festival Marathon scheduled for 2023, which was proposed to be held according to the SCO+ formula, with a broader involvement of the key Asian countries that have made an indisputable contribution to world civilization over the millennia in its preparation and organization. There was also unanimous support for the proposal to hold the Perm Conference on the Inter-Civilization Dialogue within the framework of the Greater Eurasia every two years, and to assign the functions of its permanent secretariat to the Russian parliamentary «Eurasian Dialogue», the tenth anniversary of which was also widely marked in May 2022.

Organizers, participants and guests of the international conference expressed their gratitude to the Governor of Perm Krai Dmitry Makhonin, Perm government, and Perm citizens for their assistance in the preparation and successful realization of the Conference.